Big Thank You to our Participants and Instructors!

On November 10th, we hosted a fantastic celebration to honor our instructors and participants. Throughout the pandemic, our classes transitioned to virtual platforms. With our in-person sessions now reopened, we seized the opportunity to organize a special class bringing together our virtual and in-person students to meet many of our instructors. Recognizing the challenge of getting to know someone solely through a screen, we wanted to create a space for everyone to gather, connect, and enjoy some great workouts together.

Explore our gallery page for some awesome photos and videos capturing the event!

We wouldn’t be able to do this without our amazing participants and of course, our wonderful instructors and Always Active team. During this time of gratitude, we’re deeply grateful for the consistent support of our returning participants and to the new participants who join our program, contributing to its vibrancy and growth. Last but not least, we are grateful for the unwavering joy our incredible instructors bring to their teaching.

Always Active Instructors and Team, November 2023: (left to right) Elizabeth Soberanes, Genny Pinzon, Luz Ibarra, Sue Mittelman, Ann Rieger-Matthews, Diana Lara-Rodgers, Jackie Wise, Jasmin Cuellar

Participants who attended had some fantastic things to say—check out a few comments below!

“Gracias por enseñarme como mantenerme activa y porque es tan importante en mi vejentud.”

“Thank you for teaching me how to stay active and why it is so important in my old age.”

“Thank you for the variety of classes for different energies & abilities.”

Me singing to all the Always Active instructors “Thank you, thank you, my heart sing, thank you, thank you for everything!”

“We are so lucky to have you! All fabulous!  Thank you for your time and talent.”

“Love you all!  Such a special group!

“Thank you so much for all you do!  The class you teach makes a difference in my wellbeing, as I always feel energized after each class.”

“Each instructor has been excellent. these classes have changed my life in terms of strength, balance, and flexibility. Thanks so much.”

“Many thanks to all the teachers for patiently helping us to be always active.”

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