Always Active

The Always Active program focuses on mobility, muscle strengthening, balance, and flexibility.  Our classes are specifically designed for Older Adults and adults with disabilities. 

Since 2007 we have served the community through group exercise and Fall Prevention classes online via zoom and in-person in multiple locations.  We encourage you to join our family along with hundreds of participants who are engaged in our programs daily.     

Find a class in our schedule or give us a call!

Group Exercise Classes

Genny by phone at: (415) 550-2291 or by email at:

Sue by phone at: (415) 550-2208 or by email at:

Fall Prevention Classes

Dr. Christian J. Thompson, (415) 422-5270,

Tai Chi For Arthritis and Fall Prevention

Diana Lara-Rodgers, (415) 550-2209,

Always Active is part of On Lok 30th Street Senior Center.  We offer multiple services including: meals, informational resources, activities, and exercise classes.  To learn more visit:

Be Safe. Always Active