Since I retired two years ago, I started to attend the exercise class to help me keep up with my grandchildren.  My recent trip to Peru to visit Machu Picchu would not have been possible without the exercises I received to strengthen my legs, the inner core and 2-3 mile walk we took three times a week.  I was able to climb uneven steps without any problems despite some 14,200 ft altitude in some areas.

I am so grateful for the wonderful program to keep us moving.
– Gratefully, Linda

I started to go to the exercise classes shortly after my heart attack as a remedy.  At that time the class was lead by Jim who was so tough that I did not think that I could keep up.  After looking around and seeing that most people in the class were elderly Chinese women I decided that if they can do it so can I and I am still doing it.  I like the music, the instructors, the camaraderie but best of all I like how good it feels when we stop.

– Peter

I had knee replacement and I used to walk with a cane. When I came to 30th Street, I joined the exercise classes and now I am not using the cane. My strength and flexibility has improved, I feel taller when I walk, and people tell me I look younger!

– Angela F. (67yrs)

I’ve been participating for two years, and I’m definitely stronger than I was, and it helps keep my asthma clear. I think the exercise program is my main effort, and it has been very good all the way through. I come every Tuesday and Thursday to the advanced class, it gets me up and gets me going, and I could do more than I could do two years ago with bending, lifting, perseverance, and breathing better. I also feel more energetic.  When I first came here I was very shy and reserved, and I got to the point where I could lead the class, and that was an accomplishment for me because I never could lead anything before.

– Edward B. (76yrs)

When I first started I was just doing happy heart (treadmill and bike). Then, I started the strength and flexibility classes. I felt it was doing a lot for me. I was stretching using my arms that weren’t being used before. I used to not be able to walk one block without being tired. I thought I would drop out because I was too old, but I kept coming and encouraged myself because the exercise was doing a lot of good. They teach you to breath and stretch, and now I can run! Gradually I improved and now I can go up the stairs quickly. I feel so happy with always active, it’s made me feel younger than my age. I feel alive and when I sleep my body relaxes and I sleep well. Always active has made me very active.

– Rebecca N. (81yrs)