I had knee replacement and I used to walk with a cane. When I came to 30th Street, I joined the exercise classes and now I am not using the cane. My strength and flexibility has improved, I feel taller when I walk, and people tell me I look younger!

– Angela F. (67yrs)

I’ve been participating for two years, and I’m definitely stronger than I was, and it helps keep my asthma clear. I think the exercise program is my main effort, and it has been very good all the way through. I come every Tuesday and Thursday to the advanced class, it gets me up and gets me going, and I could do more than I could do two years ago with bending, lifting, perseverance, and breathing better. I also feel more energetic.  When I first came here I was very shy and reserved, and I got to the point where I could lead the class, and that was an accomplishment for me because I never could lead anything before.

– Edward B. (76yrs)

When I first started I was just doing happy heart (treadmill and bike). Then, I started the strength and flexibility classes. I felt it was doing a lot for me. I was stretching using my arms that weren’t being used before. I used to not be able to walk one block without being tired. I thought I would drop out because I was too old, but I kept coming and encouraged myself because the exercise was doing a lot of good. They teach you to breath and stretch, and now I can run! Gradually I improved and now I can go up the stairs quickly. I feel so happy with always active, it’s made me feel younger than my age. I feel alive and when I sleep my body relaxes and I sleep well. Always active has made me very active.

– Rebecca N. (81yrs)