Enrollment is a vital part of Always Active.  The enrollment process serves demographic information and educational purposes.  In order to be enrolled in Always Active, the following forms are to be completed:

Physician’s Release Form
The release is the first step in the process of enrollment.  When a person expresses interest in exercising, they are given a Physician’s Release Form and explained the enrollment process.  The physician’s consent can be viewed as a precaution and an educational tool.  The participant’s health should be at a level that allows them to benefit from exercise and not cause any negative effects on their health.  The form assures that the participant has recently visited their doctor, and the program views a visit to the doctor as an educational tool for seniors to learn about their own health and practice preventive health.

2019 Physician Release Form

Registration Form
The Registration Form is used to obtain general information from the participant.  The information is used to identify the participant and report to the Department on Aging and Adult Services.  In addition, the form is used to confirm the participant meets the eligibility requirement of being 60 years old or older.

GetCare Consent Form
The form allows the program to input the participant’s information into GetCare.

Liability Release Form
The form is a standard form that protects the agency from lawsuits.  The form is a modified version to protect all the partners.

Medical History Form
The information gained from the form helps the trainer take the necessary precautions during exercise class and sets the background for developing a wellness plan.  The trainer should complete the form so that precautions and recommendations can be made for participants with any chronic conditions or limitations.

Your Health and Well-Being Survey
This form is administered to gather general health data on Always active participants. Evaluation is done during initial enrollment and one other time (July/January) during the year.

Wellness Plan
The plan is offered to guide seniors to the appropriate exercise and physical activities, as well as to develop health goals that the participant wishes to accomplish.